Add a New Class

  1. ID#: The ID# is a number or combination of letters and numbers that will help students and teacher to identify classes during a session. The ID# should be unique during any given session (or it’s not very useful). However, ClassDex does not force the ID# to be unique, so if a class repeats from one session to the next, and you want to use the same ID# that will work. (Required Field)
  2. Title: The class title. (Required Field)
  3. Teacher: The class teacher. (Required Field)
  4. Start Date and End Date: If the class is offered only on one day, the start and end dates should be the same. For classes that repeat weekly, give the first day of the series and the last day of the series. (Required Fields)
  5. Time:  The class time should be given the way that you want it to be read. For example, 2-4pm or Noon-3pm or 9:30-11am. (Required Field)
  6. Description: The class description is displayed with the seminar shortcodes that give the detailed views.
  7. Fee: The class fee. Value need to be a whole number. Zero is an option.
  8. Discount: By default, discounts are not given for class, but you can use this option to turn discounts on for a particular class.
  9. Max # of Students: You can set a class size limit. If there is no limit, set this value to zero. Once the class limit has been reached, the class will be marked full on your website and in ClassDex.
  10. Image (location): If you’d like to include an image with the description of your class, use this option to add a web address for where the image is located. The image should be sized the way you want it to display.
  11. Image Justified Left (Auto Justifies Right): By default, the image will be displayed to the right of the description. To switch it to the left side, select this option.
  12. Custom HTML: If you want to replace the entire detailed view of a class with your own html, use this option.
  13. Yoga Class, Seminar, Meditation, Wellness, Philosophy: These options correspond to the shortcodes that display the classes on your website. You can select none, one, or many to pick where you want the class to be displayed.
  14. Account Type: This option is for accounting purposes to designate a particular class in one accounting sub-group. When you preform a z-out, the income is listed by these account types.
  15. Class is Canceled: This option will mark a class as canceled, will stop registration on your website, and block registration within ClassDex.

When you add a new class, ClassDex automatically creates a product in Cart66 that corresponds with your class, so that students can register and pay on your website.


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