Add a New Student

You need to be very careful to avoid duplicating students in ClassDex. There is no easy way to avoid this issue other than being vigilant before adding a student. If a student has taken classes with us in the past, they should already be in the system. Before adding such a student, search for their full name, variations of their name, and use the browse function to see if you can find them.

  1. After doing a thorough search for the student with the search function and with the browse function, select the “Add New Student” button:
  2. Add as much information as you can to Contact Information section – especially the phone number (there is only one phone number spot, so ask for the best phone number to reach them). Be careful with spelling – especially spelling their name! A typo in their name will make it difficult to find them in the future.
  3. By adding the mailing address students will be included when exporting a mailing list for a print mailing.
  4. By adding the email address students will automatically be added to the Mailchimp list (must be setup on the settings page). Students will first receive a confirmation email asking them if they really do want our e-newsletter — this helps to make sure that the email address is correct to avoid a high bounce rate in Mailchimp.
  5. For the phone number please use this format: (555) 555-5555
  6. If they are a Member, Senior, or Student, use the checkboxes to indicate that. If they are none of these, then just leave the checkboxes blank. Members get 10% of select classes and students and seniors get 20% off select classes. When adding a new class it is an option to give these discounts.

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