Admin Functions

Z-Out Classes

Z-Out Classes is an accounting tool to pull z-out reports from the last time the z-out was preformed until the present moment. The first time that you preform a z-out, you will need to set a start date (probably from before you began taking payments). The z-out is always preformed from the set date and time (which will automatically be set to the last time you preformed a z-out) until the present moment. The z-out gives you a report of the total earnings during that period of time, sub-totaled by account types. The “Register” z-out refers to all income that was received as Check, Cash, Credit Card, Gift Certificate, or Class Credit. The “Paypal” z-out refers to all of the income that was received through Paypal. Each time a payment is made, this income type is selected, which puts the payment in one of these groups. After the z-out is preformed you have the option to Print and Email the z-out. This email is sent to the email that you designate on the Setting page.


The Import/Export feature allows the administrator to export a database to a CSV file and to import CSV file to a database. This allows for simple database backup. If you want to make a complete backup of ClassDex, you’ll need to export each of the 4 databases. If for whatever reason your information is lost, you can restore the databases by importing from these backup files.

Clear Database

This function gives the administrator the ability to clear a database of all of its information. During initial setup of the ClassDex system, some users may want to test the system with made-up customers, classes, registrations and payments. When you are ready to take the system live, this feature is useful for wiping the databases and starting from scratch. At the time that a database is cleared, a CSV file is automatically exported in case you need to get the information back again.

Export Mailing List

The function exports the name, address, city, state, and zipcode for students who have been active since the start date that you define. By default, this start date is set to three year before the present. Only students who have been active since the start date will be included in the list. In addition, on each Student Edit page there is the option to be “Green” (to opt out of print mailings) — these students are not included in the mailing list. Students who have the same last name and share the same address are merged onto a single line (i.e. John Smith and Jane Smith will be merged as John & Jane Smith). This merge will only work if the address and zipcode are identical. For example, if John’s contact information has “Street” abbreviated, and Jane’s contact information has it written out, the customers will not be merged in the mailing.


This function gives a list of students who have not yet paid for classes that have already begun or have finished.


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