Users: Admin and Staff

WordPress has standard levels of access for users, such as Administrator, Editor, Author, and Subscriber. ClassDex utilizes these user levels to grant different levels of access to different users. Administrators have full access to ClassDex and all of its features, which includes potentially destructive functions such as clearing a database. If you want to grant access to staff members, but you don’t want them to access all of these features, creating a Subscriber level user (or users) will work great. A Subscriber level user can add new students, register students for classes, and take payment for classes, but is blocked from some of the other features. Here is a partial list of features and who has access:


Subscriber Level

Admin Level

Add a new student

Add a new class

Register a student for a class

Delete a registration

Delete a class

Delete a student

Take payment for a class

Delete a payment

Pull an accounting report

Export the entire database to a spreadsheet

Import a database from a spreadsheet

Clear a database

See a list of all students with pending payments

Export a mailing list

Edit program setting


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